About | Edward Campbell – Composer based in Manchester
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Ed Campbell, Composer based in Manchester. Ed playing his Fender Stratocaster, in his home studio where he has ceated many exciting project and collaboration.

About Edward Campbell

Edward Campbell is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the Lake District, UK.


Having developed a burning curiosity for sound and composition from an early age, he spent much of his teenage years experimenting with just a 4 track tape recorder and an electric guitar. He went on to further hone his craft at Newcastle University where he studied a degree in Music, cementing his compositional technique and initiating his advancement into the world of digital recording. Drawing on a range of influences, his compositional intuition inhabits both analogue and digital spheres, combining an adept understanding of traditional composition with a flair for textural expressivity.Having also toured extensively with bands, clocked up countless hours in recording studios and provided recording/production services for many different projects he has cultivated a richly diverse skill set adaptable to any project.


Now based in Manchester, Edward is studying a Masters Degree in Composition at The University of Manchester.